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Key Benefits

  • Strong adhesive strength
  • Ultimate weather resistance
  • Provide Better Water Resistance
  • Impermeable and easy application
  • Superior chemical resistance and non-toxic
  • Ultimate resistance to the reaction of carbonation

Pack Size

250 ml, 1 ltr., 5 ltrs

How to use Putty Bond?

To use Agarwal Build Care Putty Bond effectively, start by ensuring the surface is clean and free from contaminants. Mix the appropriate amount of cement, sand, and Putty Bond according to the recommended dosage.

Thoroughly blend the mixture using a mechanical mixer or drill until it is consistent and free of lumps. Apply the mixture evenly onto the prepared surface using a trowel or putty knife, ensuring the desired layer thickness.

Smooth the surface with a trowel or sponge, removing any excess material. Allow the applied Putty Bond to cure following standard curing practices, protecting it from direct sunlight, excessive heat, and water during this time.


Agarwal Build Care Putty Bond is a revolutionary specialized polymer and admixture designed to enhance the performance and durability of construction materials. We have formulated & innovated this product using advanced polymer technology, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of construction applications.

Putty Bond serves as a powerful bonding agent that effectively strengthens the bond between different surfaces, including concrete, masonry, and plaster. It provides excellent adhesion properties, ensuring a secure and long-lasting connection between materials, even in challenging conditions. Whether used for repairing cracks, filling gaps, or plastering surfaces, Agarwal Build Care Putty Bond delivers exceptional results, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the construction.

One of the standout features of Putty Bond is its versatility. It can be easily mixed with cement, sand, or any other construction material, allowing for easy application and compatibility with various building processes. Such features make it a go-to choose for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts, providing a hassle-free solution for all their construction needs.

Furthermore, Agarwal Build Care Putty Bond exhibits excellent resistance to water, chemicals, and weathering, making it highly suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Its waterproofing properties protect surfaces from moisture, prevent mold or mildew growth, and ensure construction longevity.

Our Agarwal Build Care Putty Bond is a trusted and reliable product that meets the highest quality standards in the industry. We offer an innovative solution for improving strength, durability, and performance of construction materials, making it an essential addition to any construction project.

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