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Key Benefits

  • Suitable for fixing ceramic tiles for floor & walls.
  • Polymer modified adhesive.
  • Good strength and easy mixing.

Coverage Estimate

Pack Size 20 kg

Coverage approximately

4.5 to 5 m2/20kg @3mm thickness

when using thin trowel

How To Use

You can begin by preparing the surface, ensuring it is clean, dry, and debris-free. Then apply the Agrawal Build Care TSA-SILVER tile adhesive in the required thickness to achieve optimal performance, following the proper guidelines.

Allow ample time for the coating to cure and dry thoroughly, considering factors such as temperature, humidity, and coating thickness.

Don't forget the regular maintenance. It is crucial to extend the lifespan of the Agrawal Build Care TSA-SILVER tile adhesive coating, involving periodic cleaning with mild detergents and soft brushes.

Adhere to the safety precautions, wearing protective gear like gloves, goggles, and masks.

By following these steps, you can make the most of the TSA Silver, ensuring its durability, longevity, and desired performance in various construction applications. Or else you can reach us to get the best experts to work on it.

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Agrawal Build Care TSA-SILVER tile adhesive is a remarkable innovation in the realm of construction materials designed with precision and expertise. This cutting-edge product provides exceptional performance in fixing ceramic tiles for both floors and walls, embodying the perfect amalgamation of style, durability, and sustainability.

It is a versatile and multi-purpose material that caters to a wide array of architectural and structural needs. Whether you are installing ceramic wall tiles for residential, commercial, or industrial projects, varied to vitrified tiles on the floor (in sizes such as 600x600 mm, 600x1200 mm, 800x800 mm, 800x1200 mm), or floor tiles on the floor (in sizes like 300x300 mm, 400x400 mm), Agrawal Build Care TSA-SILVER tile adhesive delivers exceptional performance and reliability for your tiling projects.

Furthermore, the Agrawal Build Care TSA-SILVER tile adhesive is renowned for its eco-friendly attributes manufactured using sustainable practices and materials, reducing its environmental impact while promoting a greener future.

Agarwal Build Care TSA Silver has become the preferred choice for architects, contractors, and builders seeking unparalleled quality and functionality. Its versatility, durability, and sustainable nature make it an ideal choice for various construction applications, ranging from roofing and cladding to interior design elements.

In conclusion, the TSA Silver by Agarwal Build Care is a testament to innovation and excellence in the construction industry. With its remarkable features and commitment to sustainability, it has become a symbol of reliability and aesthetics, elevating the standards of architectural materials.

Experience the ease of application and superior results with our high-quality tile adhesive today!

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