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Tile Cleaner


Tile Cleaner: ABC Tile Cleaner is a concentrate to be diluted with potable water as per need to clean all surfaces. It is a non-toxic cleaner which can be used for daily maintenance as well as removing tough stains. This neutral pH cleaner makes it most suitable for cleaning marbles and other calcium-based stones. Tile Cleaners is also recommended for regular maintenance of sealed stone surfaces. It is effective and easy to use.

Areas Of Application: Interior & exterior areas Kitchens Floor & Wall Bathrooms, Floor & Wall CounterTops Commercial floors.

For Regular Floor Cleaning:Dilute sun in the ratio of 1: 10 with clean water for a general day to day cleaning of the floor.

Cautions: Store in cool place away from heat and fire. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not inhale and use it in open ventilated areas. Do not swallow and wear gloves during application.

How To Use

Using tile cleaners from Agarwal Build Care is a straightforward process that can effectively restore the cleanliness and shine of your tiles.

Begin by preparing the area, removing any loose dirt or debris. If required, dilute the cleaner according to the instructions provided. Apply the cleaner evenly onto the tiles, using a mop, sponge, or cloth to spread it and work it into the surface. Allow the cleaner to dwell for the recommended time to loosen dirt and stains.

If necessary, gently scrub stubborn areas with a suitable brush or pad. Thoroughly rinse the tiles with clean water to remove the cleaner and any loosened residue. Ensure the tiles are completely dry before walking on them or applying any sealant.

Rejuvenate your tiles and enhance their appearance following these steps to effectively use our Agarwal Build Care tile cleaners!


Agarwal Build Care, a leading provider of construction materials, offers an exceptional range of tile cleaners specifically designed to restore the cleanliness and luster of tiled surfaces. Our tile cleaners are highly effective for removing tough stains, grime, and dirt, ensuring your tiles regain their original shine and beauty.

We formulated the Agarwal Build Care tile cleaners with advanced cleaning agents that are gentle yet powerful. Our tile cleaners are suitable for use on various types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, marble, and granite. These cleaners penetrate deep into the pores of the tiles, dissolving and lifting away stubborn stains and contaminants.

One of the key advantages of Agarwal Build Care tile cleaners is their versatility. You can use it for both regular maintenance and cleaning as well as tackling more stubborn stains and marks. Whether it's grease, soap scum, mildew, or hard water deposits, these cleaners effectively break down and remove the unsightly residue, leaving your tiles looking fresh and vibrant.

Furthermore, our Agarwal Build Care tile cleaners are easy to use. You can apply the cleaner to the surface simply, scrub lightly using a sponge or brush, and then rinse thoroughly. We have designed these cleaners to minimize effort while maximizing results, allowing you to achieve a sparkling clean finish without excessive scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

In addition to the exceptional cleaning capabilities, Agarwal Build Care tile cleaners are also safe for both the tiles and the environment. They are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making them a reliable choice for maintaining the longevity and beauty of your tiled surfaces without compromising health or safety.

In conclusion, our Agarwal Build Care tile cleaners are a reliable and effective solution for maintaining and restoring the cleanliness of your tiled surfaces. With their powerful cleaning agents, versatility, ease of use, and eco-friendly formulation, these cleaners are a trusted choice among homeowners, contractors, and professionals in the construction industry. Revitalize your tiles with Agarwal Build Care's tile cleaners and enjoy the renewed beauty of your tiled spaces.

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